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Data Rich, Skills Poor – Analytics in Business

Visualisation and Analytics Data Analytics and Visualisation

It’s been at least six months since my last blog post, while it might seem like a long time, it’s always amazing to look back and reflect on what I have accomplished during this time. I don’t really want this blog post to sound like my end of year “speech”, however this past year has been amazing, action packed, fun-filled and downright breath-taking. As the curtain call on the year I wanted to take some time to pen my thoughts and reflect on my achievements over the past year.  I don’t really want to dump everything in to this one post, so the plan is to undertake a series of blog posts. In the first instance I want to talk about a subject very close to my heart, “analytics”. The biggest achievement this year was the successful validation of the first BSc Business Data Analytics course at Huddersfield Business School. It was a rigorous process but the course was passed with zero conditions and five commendations!

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Learning, Teaching & Student Experience 2016

Entrance to Aston University
CABS conference at Aston University

Recently I attended the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) latest conference on the Learning, Teaching & Student Experience. I managed to get the chance to listen to some excellent keynotes on creativity, passion and learning styles, alongside some thought provoking sessions on student epistemologies, blended learning and the flipped classroom. The conference also gave me the chance to deliver my latest paper, which talks about academic Marginalisation and increasing Marketisation of higher education. This was all underpinned by a very supportive twitter back channel #LTSE2016.

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Catching up with Katie from Scriba PR

Its always good to see students graduate and succeed. Well done Katie.

Running a Business Management degree

I always enjoy catching up with students after they have graduated to find out how they are doing in the world of work and today I had the pleasure of seeing Katie Mallinson. Katie graduated from Business Management at the University of Huddersfield 8 years ago and joined a small PR company where she had worked on placement. After a few years she decided to start up her own company, Scriba PR and has since gone on from strength to strength.

Specialising in communications management for technical and trade organisations, Katie was initially based in the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre at the university before branching out into her own premises where she now employs two staff to help with the volume of work.

Katie has won a number of awards since starting her own business including the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award and CIPR Outstanding Young Communicator…

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Using SMS to communicate with Students

8640105865_b579fcbf76This blog post displays some of the results from a SMS Pilot study on the use of text messaging as a means of communicating with students to aid retention. This study was run in 2011 and was primarily carried out to scope views and perceptions of mobile devices within the University of Huddersfield under the project lead of Abdul Jabbar. The detailed final report can be found by clicking here.

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Lets give everyone an iPad ….

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, the advent of the summer holidays and the completion and submission of my PhD has been the immediate priority. More to come on my relief that my PhD is now done and dusted, just awaiting the viva date!

However today I wanted to write about something a little different. In this blog post I want to talk about my own anecdotal experiences on the key advantages and disadvantages of buying everyone in an organisation iPads.

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Results Day – Congratulations Everyone

Great post in running a tough course.

Running a Business Management degree

Tuesday June 23rd was the end of an anxious wait for Business Management students as they found out their final grades for the year. Since September everyone has been working hard on essays, reports, projects, presentations, tests and exams and now the final approved grades are available. Results day has many mixed emotions: relief, happiness, joy and sometimes sadness if things haven’t gone as well as hoped. Overall though it has been an extremely successful year with the students hard work being rewarded in the final results.

As staff we have shared the journey across the year and are pleased when the students perform well. I love reading a good piece of work and being able to award a high grade particularly when you can see the student has really understood the topic.

I would like to congratulate all our students on their successful performance but a few should…

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Ipad apps for productivity

Previously I wrote a blog post about iPad apps for research in higher education, it was a two part blog post, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.  I want to carry on with this series of blog posts but today I want to really focus on using iPad apps for increasing productivity.

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iPad apps for Research (1 of 2)

This is the first part of a two part post which talks about essential iPad apps for Researchers and Academics. This post covers apps 1-5 and the second post which should be available in the next few days covers apps 6-10.

As a full time academic member of staff and a active researcher one of the most important factors as part of my workflow is efficiency. I am constantly looking for ways to make my work life easier and more efficient. Hence it should come as no surprise that for me the iPad is now an essential part of my life and my work.

However what are the key apps? After 3 years of playing with every type of app under the sun the following apps are in my view essential for any researcher and academic:
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