Ipad apps for productivity

Previously I wrote a blog post about iPad apps for research in higher education, it was a two part blog post, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.  I want to carry on with this series of blog posts but today I want to really focus on using iPad apps for increasing productivity.

Three years ago the Business School in which I work gave the majority of their academics an iPad to support them with their workflow. Many academics who are used to a Windows operating system and a solid keyboard struggled to find a use for the iPad in this big brave new world, they cited a lack of a MS Word and the inability to use USB Flash drives as obstacles in their usage.

Hence one of my key tasks at the time was to help academics identify how they could integrate iPads into their work, whether it be email, word processing or excel spreadsheets. Below are my top five picks that every academic (or educator) has to have when working in higher education:

Calendar — (Daily Reminders)

IOS calendar Icon
Calendar Icon

Integrates with Exchange and a variety of other servers really well. The best view in the iOS 7 Calendar is the day view which shows your daily schedule as well as the next seven days in a top navigation bar.

DropBox (USB Flashdrive)

Dropbox Icon
Dropbox as a USB

One of the hardest tasks was convincing academics that they had a virtual flash drive called DropBox. This  is a free cloud service that lets you bring your photos and documents anywhere and share them and edit them easily.

PenUltimate (Quick Diagrams and notes)

Pen Ultimate icon for Ipad
Pen Ultimate icon

 A simple tool which acts as a pen and paper but stores the result in digital form, including DropBox integration and e-mail. Excellent in academia and the classroom for making images, diagrams and mindmaps!

iAnnotatePDF (Highlighter pen)

iAnnotate Icon for Ipad
iAnnotate Icon

I like to think of this as a highlighter pen. Its great for reading articles and student work on the move. This app allows you to annotate PDF files with lots of features and tools letting you quickly add notes, highlight and edit your files. Synchronizes with Dropbox and can email and edit files.

MS Word (Word processor)

MS Jewel Word
MS Word Icon

The long awaited MS Office for iPad was released in late 2014. Word for then iPad is the crown jewel within this suite. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Works really well with dropbox for editing and saving files. Great for working on the go.

As ever this is just my opinion. If you have any queries or disagree please leave a comment or follow me on social media.

Please note I do not own the copyright to the image icons displayed in this page. They are the copyright of their original artists.


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