Position: Director of Learning Development; Course Leader: BSc Business Data Analytics
Qualification: BA(Hons), MSC, FHEA, PhD

Who am I?

My name is Abdul Jabbar I am the Director of Learning Development at the University of Huddersfield and the course leader for the innovative BSc Business Data Analytics course, combining, management, economics and computing for data driven decision making and visualisation. In addition I also teach e-commerce, Digital Marketing and Information systems. Within my current role, I have a research interest in Big Data, Blockchain, Social Media and Digital SME skills. Before I was an academic I was a programmer working on Content Management Systems for the BUBL information service at the University of Strathclyde, this is sadly no longer with us!

My background is very much in software design and online development. I have a BA (Hons) In Interactive Media and a MSc in Internet Application Development. Now i try to merge my technical background within a business environment looking for niche use cases of software.

What is this site about?

So glad you asked that. In a nutshell this site is for everyone and anyone who deals with the three principles of the triangle:

  • Higher Education Teaching in Business Analytics
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Higher Education Research

All posts made on this site will always fall into one of those three categories. My aim is to keep all my posts simple, that means that an average blog post will not exceed 800- 1000 words. Now thats not me being lazy, but online reading behaviour indicates that people just don’t read like they used to, hence my personal challenge is to discuss complex concepts briefly and succinctly!


  • PhD
  • MSc Internet Application Development
  • BA (Hons) Interactive Media

Professional Membership & Activities

  • FHEA (Fellow of the Higher education Academy)
  • Student Member of the Computing Society (2001)

Different ways of contacting me:

I am quite active on various social media sites and I have a online web presence on my home institution. They are all listed below:



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