The purpose of this site

When i first thought about creating this site i came to the conclusion quite early on that i need to have a site that has a clear purpose a sense of direction that can help me drive forward my professional interests and passions and a place which i could call my online home.

The main purpose of this site is for me to create a “safe” space on the web where i can freely discuss my research, its impact and how i intend to take it forward.Thus the intention is to update this site on a regular basis with discussion primarily focused on the following key areas:

1) Mobile teaching and research

2) Research methods

3) Culturally responsive teaching

4) Academic SEO

5) The use of technology within higher education

The plan is to publish once a week at least every Tuesday and if i have a lot to say then maybe twice! I am always looking for collaborative opportunities so if you are interested please do get in touch via my institution webpage.


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