Publications are like buses

London Bus
London Bus outside Big Ben

Near the end of my PhD during the write up process I made a conscious decision to stop all publishing activity. “Why?” I hear you ask, it was not due to lazyness, nor did I come down with a very acute affliction of “donothingitus”. There was a method to my madness and holding down a full time job and trying to complete my PhD I needed to prioritise. So my priority became my PhD with paper writing placed on the back burner.

Prioritising in such a way helped me to finish my PhD one full year ahead of schedule, and the extra attention I paid during this time allowed for a Viva outcome with very limited or minor amendments (it literally took 10 mins). However looking around at my peers i quickly realised that most young post-doc researchers when they finish their PhD want to just relax for a year and do the absolute minimum, just savour the accomplishment. For me it quickly dawned that the PhD is just the start of the research process.

So as soon as my PhD finished,  since the start of 2016 and I have been working very hard on publishing my research and I am pleased to reveal that I have had my first two articles (hence the buses pun, sorry I know it was terrible) published post PhD.

My first article investigates the impact of consumerisation on UK higher education business Schools, this was published in the International Journal of Higher education, a “A” ranked journal in the ABDC (Australian Business Dean Council) rankings. You can read the full article as gold open access here:

My second article builds on the work of consumerisation and investigates how academics manage diversity in UK HE business Schools. This was published in the journal called Race ethnicity and Education another “A” ranked journal but this time in the ERA (Excellence for Research in Australia) rankings. You can read the full article as gold open access here:

So if you have managed to get to the end of the Blog post well done, and if you are interested maybe give those articles a gander.

With the shameless plug for my articles out of the way I think what I am trying to say in this post is that focus is critical. When you’re doing a PhD part time and trying to hold down a full time job, prioritising tasks is crucial in getting you to the end. Unfortunately in many cases that does mean working evenings and weekends!


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