How to … Nvivo Data Classifications

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Use Nvivo to organise data

As discussed in one of my previous blog posts, Nvivo is a very powerful Data Management tool which is ideal for managing large data sets. However for the Novice the power of Nvivo can be overwhelming and confusing and for the early career researcher it can be off putting and intimidating. Hence in order to demystify Nvivo, my aim is for the next few blog posts to create a series of Vlog’s (Video Blog).

Hence my first Vlog is about Nvivo and Classifications. Click on read more to view my youtube video on Nvivo Classifications and a short summary of what Nvivo Classifications are, how they work and why they are important.

In NVivo, classifications are used to store descriptive information about your sources or about the people, places or other cases in your project. You can then use this information to make comparisons or to gather material by attribute. You would use classifications to store and differentiate between demographic data, experience etc. In my view classifications should be setup before you do any additional coding or importing of data sources.

Click on the video below to view how to create classifications in Nvivo.

This video was created using Nvivo 10 for Mac.

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