Best time to publish a Blog post.

As the main writer for this blog I sometimes tend to overthink things, and try to anticipate every eventuality about the blog and how it will be perceived. Hence when I first started this blog back in January I found I was overcomplicating things and I started asking myself What is my Target market? for whom am I writing this blog for? What value will this blog bring to the wider world? Will anyone read it? etc. The majority of the questions were easy to answer, the focus was and is always on PGR students, the value would be for people like me who have struggled with the intricacies of the PHD research process and who in the early days had struggled to overcome the vast leap in terminology from MSc to PHD.

Big red Button
Dont Panic, Dont panic!

Once I had answered these questions, the next question was ok how often should I write? Initially I started of publishing a blog post twice a week every Monday and Friday, this I realised quite quickly (In the first two weeks) would became a problem, writing a blog post takes time and effort and my work life balance was already strained so adding a personal blog was really threatening to topple this. Hence i made a decision early on to publish once a week. So the next question, if I am only writing one blog post a week, it has to be high quality, relevant but most important of all timely. So the next stage of this process was understanding when is a good time to press the big red button and hit “publish”.

I followed one simple rule, every blog post I write has to obtain Maximum exposure, I have to expose it across all my social media networks and it needs to be exposed on as many SEO search engines as possible otherwise it becomes just white noise that disappears into the internet abyss of nothingness. The blog publishing business is a highly competitive environment with thousands of people all fighting for attention and exposure, so publishing and hitting that red button also needs to be strategic.

To help me with this blog post I utilise data and information collected by Kissmetrics in their blog post “The science of Social Timing“. The research of Kissmetrics breaks down the whole blog publishing process into three easy to understand sections:

  • Do I want a blog with a lot of comments?
  • Do I want a blog with a lot of inBound links?
  • Do I want a lot of Viewers?

The author here needs to make a strategic decision about the three questions above. The decision we make here affects when and at what time a Blog should be published. According to Kissmetrics for:

  1. Comments then you need to publish on a Saturday
  2. Inbound Links then you need to publish on either a Monday or Thursday evening
  3. Viewers then you need to publish on a Monday at 11am.

Being a researcher I want to try this out, so the plan is that for the next few weeks the big red button for all blog posts on the Academic triangle will be pressed on a Monday Morning at 10:30am. Personally the data is based on an American audience so it will be interesting to see if a difference has been made or can be made with a European/UK based audience.

I will update this in a few weeks if i have seen any noticeable change. If you do have anything to ask please comment or click on one of the links on the right side of the screen to contact me on social media.



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